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<h3>We have a vibrant community of passionate and committed postgraduate students who contribute widely to the academic life of the department. </h3>

With a BA Honours and a MA degrees in anthropology postgraduate students can work in both private and public sectors as researchers, analysis, policy makers and consultants. For instance, graduates who specialise in medical anthropology can work in a number of positions in government; NGOs; private companies that deal directly or indirectly with health matters and health interventions in such areas as HIV/AIDS, policy and mainstreaming, chronic diseases.The same relationship between specialization and job openings can be established for the other specializations. A postgraduate qualification in Anthropology positions one better in the labour market nationally and internationally.

Possession of higher degrees opens the door for engagement in academia, specialised research work, education and teaching areas for those with the passion and drive.

The department offers a range of areas of specialisation from which students can choose depending on their career aspirations and passions in life. Therefore, while providing general and well-rounded training in anthropology, postgraduate students are offered to build specializations in the following areas which are consistent with the research interests and specialisations of the academic faculty in the department—medical anthropology; political and economic anthropology, visual anthropology and popular culture; religion studies; globalization and transnational studies, gender and sexuality, post-human and environmental anthropology.

For further enquiries contact either the Faculty of Arts Post Graduate Office or the Departmental Postgraduate Coordinator:

<strong>Dr. Kelly Gillespie
</strong>Tel. +27 21 959 3718
E-mail: <a href=”mailto:kgillespie@uwc.ac.za”>kgillespie@uwc.ac.za</a>