Diana Gibson

I am an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of the Western Cape. I have a doctorate in anthropology and specialise in medical anthropology. My field of interest is health, illness, disease and systems of healing. I have also done research on knowledge debates in South Africa that argue for opening up discussions concerning epistemological and ontological differences in creative and useful ways. In the past six years I have done research, with colleagues and postgraduate students on the partial connections between the knowledge of local healing systems, science, medicine, pharmacy, botany, and anthropology concerning medicinal plants in the Cape floristic region. Another project in which I am a principal investigator is titled From Networks of Violence to Networks of Peace: Armed Youth Violence in Five African Countries. The project involves researchers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratice Republic of Congo, Ivory Cast and Niger Delta, and Nigeria and interrogates youth participation in armed violence. It unpacks the networks in which the youth gets involved and which exacerbate violence or promote peace. A related project is based in Cape Town and focuses on youth gangs in three sites.

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