Hameedah Parker

Hameedah is a PhD Anthropology candidate and lecturer at UWC. Her research interests include practices of medicine, health, and healing. In particular, she has an interest in the relationships between diseases, technology and spaces of treatment and management for chronic medical conditions. Her PhD research focuses on Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) with an emphasis on medical knowledge systems (both clinical and ethnobotanical) in South Africa. This research project is motivated by biocultural narratives of both clinical and plant medicine practices within and beyond anthropology. 

 Her fieldwork explores walking ethnography and the rethinking of anthropological analyses for diseases. She has also collaborated in formulating clinical guidelines for Primary Health Care (PHC) practices through the NRF at Stellenbosch University. At present, Hameedah is part of an International Development Research Centre (IDRC) project titled Promoting inclusive policies and approaches to address youth networks of gang violence in South Africa. The project provides insight to safety, policy, and youth gang violence in the areas of Manenberg, Gugulethu and Nyanga East in Cape Town. Working in Manenberg, her research involves rewriting narratives of place-making and resilience amidst gang violence through the lenses of female youth. 

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