Heike Becker

I am a social and cultural anthropologist. My research and writing explore the intersection of culture and postcolonial politics with a focus on social identities (ethnicity, gender, ‘race’ and nationalism), memory cultures, popular culture and social movements. My work in the field of popular culture ranges across film, photography, music, and digital technologies. I have recently directed research projects on Aesthetics, Politics and Diversity—studying connections between popular culture, performance, belonging and citizenship in contemporary South Africa, and elsewhere on the African continent—together with local and international colleagues and postgraduate students. I am the author of Namibian Women’s Movement, 1980 to 1992: From Anti-colonial Resistance to Reconstruction, and editor of several edited collections. I am currently completing a monograph on nationalism and memories of Namibian liberation war. I have also published widely in local and international academic journals such as Africa, Journal of Southern African Studies, American Anthropologist, Anthropology Southern Africa, Visual Anthropology, Peripherie, Social Dynamics, and the Canadian Journal of African Studies. I am a regular contributor to blogs and other online and print publications. My writing surpasses ethnography, history, and journalism, cutting across fiction and non-fiction.

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  • Becker, H. 1995. Namibian Women's Movement 1980 to 1992. From Anticolonial Struggle to Reconstruction. Frankfurt (Germany): IKO-Verlag für interkulturelle Kommunikation.
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